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Breast Milk Ice-Cream

Updated: May 15

When my kids were breastfeeding, I used to pump and store milk apart from direct feeding. After they crossed 1 year of age, they started eating a lot more solids and there were times when I still had a stash of stored breast milk in the freezer to be used. This could be used for making breast milk ice cream. Add either coconut meat or cow's milk (Grassfed, Organic, A2, half & half), coconut butter, almond butter, vanilla, and manuka honey to 1/4th amount of the total amount of thawed breast milk and blend. Stir in this thick smoothie-like mix to the remaining breast milk gently. I used a small amount of milk in this procedure to blend in cow's milk, butters, spice, and sweetener to ensure that the delicate breast milk proteins were preserved in the remaining 3/4th amount that was not added to the blender. Freeze the concoction in the molds and store until use.

Only use ingredients in the ice cream that your kids can tolerate. If this is prepared for infants, use a fruit like banana instead of honey. I have used both coconut meat and cow's milk to make this ice cream. Cow's milk blends in better. If you don’t have any stone ground nut butter, add in some cashews (soaked overnight or minimum of two hours to prepare) instead.

Breast milk ice cream can be given to ill patients with weaker immune systems. It is most popularly made for the kids in the house. I like to keep the recipe simple to avoid kids from rejecting it. Toddlers love this ice cream when they are teething.

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