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Be Conscious and Listen to Your Body Talk!

Updated: May 15

We need ebullience in our lives. Ebullience means full of high spirits, teeming with life, great health, abundance, and happiness. Consciousness is required to achieve ebullience. Consciousness can happen only when we exercise our mind regularly and we have insatiable hunger and love for continuous learning. When consciousness becomes part of us in everything we do, results are huge and amazing, and it pays back for generations to come. Our aim should always be to go higher and higher and become better and better. How does consciousness play a role in this?

Let me explain by giving an example from a health perspective. When I recently did my water fasts, I noticed that there was a specific flavor in my mouth. So, I looked into it and figured out this happens when our body goes into ketosis. It is usually very prominent after the third day of water fasting. Now, when I get this taste in my mouth, I realize my body is in ketosis. Daily, this can happen due to intermittent fasting. Now that I realize, when it is happening, I can usually extend my intermittent fasting a little longer if I want to because this is the time when our body is burning stored fat for calorie needs. I, usually, like to extend my fasting on my recovery or rest days. On other days, keto foods can be eaten to extend ketosis at least until the morning exercise is completed. As long as we are in ketosis, our body uses stored fat for energy needs. If we can retain ketosis longer after we get up, finish our morning workout while in ketosis, we burn more fat versus we break out of ketosis before the morning exercise. The more we understand the language of our body, the better we can keep it healthy and in shape.

Living consciously also means not eating more than we require. Eating anything has negative karma associated with it. Unwanted karma hinders our soul's capacity to achieve our true potential. For the body's optimum functioning, we should mindfully eat only as much as we need and what our physical activities demand. Eating mindfully harmonizes our soul and body together, which in general is a recipe for unfailing manifestations and success. Moreover, eating unhealthy foods will mar our truest potential, so it is best to avoid these. While some people transition themselves out of their bad habits, some go cold turkey, and some look for healthier alternatives. Being aware is the first step! Surround yourself with people and data that support your goals.

This applies to everything, even exercise. Our body needs a variety of different physical activities. Weather you work out while working on your farm or use a gym, understanding how exercise works helps achieve the results, we are seeking, faster. Consciousness, also, means being aware about the external invisible forces influencing us or internal subconscious programming that might not be serving us. For example, with weight training, it can feel like we can't go more than a certain limit due to effect of gravity that is experienced by us. However, there are ways to work around this and raise up the level at which we are at. We can understand, figure out healthy workarounds, think through what we want to figure out how to get it only when we use our conscious brain effectively. When we can reach our true potential, the time required to get results is way less.

Our body talks at every point. Tune in and listen up. See how you feel after eating something. If you have a health issue, try to brainstorm with the hints you get about what your body is trying to talk telepathically to you, via its symptoms and its feelings. Say you have chronic constipation and bloating. Is it that wheat in your diet that flares things up by increasing intestinal permeability? Is it an issue with intestinal motility due to an imbalance in minerals? Does it lack sufficient digestive enzymes to break down food? Is it an imbalance in the gut microbiome that increases fat storage and slows down metabolism? Your symptoms will give you hints. You can try addressing what you think might be an issue and see if it helps before going on to the next option if the first one does not work. Alternatively, you can act upon two to three natural easy solutions at one go and see its effects. This is personalized medicine in its most authentic form. It is ok to take as much help as you need but your own active involvement by listening to your body will change the whole game for you in your favor.

To pay attention to details, we need to first understand the details. This comes with practice just like it was shown with Sherlock Holmes 😊

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